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At Little Geniuses’ Academy, we firmly believe the early years of learning are the most valuable. At our child care center in Humble, TX, we believe that children learn best through play! That’s why our mission is to provide a safe and nurturing learning environment where children can grow and develop while they have fun. Contact us today for more information on the child care services we offer or to enroll today!

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Our Child Care Philosophy

As children explore the world around them, they gain valuable knowledge simply by tasting, touching, smelling, listening, thinking, watching, and doing. Our child care center provides a safe environment for them to do just that! We ensure our programs are individuals to meet the unique needs of each child as they move through the various programs at our center. Whether they are in the toddler program or our after school care program, you can trust that your child will flourish in our care.

Our Child Care Programs in Humble

At Little Geniuses’ Academy, we recognize that children develop at different rates, varying with each age group. We’ve carefully tailored our child care services to meet the needs of each age group. Our child care service programs include:

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Our toddler program provides a safe environment for young children to transition into our center! With positive attention, affection, and early learning, your child will flourish!

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3 Yr. Old Preschool

Three-year-olds are full of energy and the urge to explore the world around them! This program will nurture their creativity and imagination, and provide them with valuable new learning experiences to prepare them for kindergarten.

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Prepare your four to five-year-old for kindergarten with our preschool program! We’ll provide them with a consistent schedule similar to school and help them foster a love for education through music, art, language, and movement.

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Before and After School Program

To provide parents with more flexibility, our after school program in Humble offers free transportation to and from local schools, free tutoring and homework assistance, and a safe environment for them to play before and after school hours!

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Summer Camp

Our summer camp program provides children with a summer full of fun activities and events that keep their mental, physical, and social skills sharp while they’re out of school!

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Why Choose Little Geniuses’ Academy?

Little Geniuses’ Academy is a top-notch child care facility in Humble that offers parents a place where their children can receive the best possible care and education. We strive to provide a safe and nurturing environment for children to learn and grow. Our staff of highly trained and experienced professionals understands the importance of providing quality care to children and their families.

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We understand the importance of providing the best possible care and education for children. We are committed to providing a safe environment for children to learn, explore, and grow. With our positive learning environment that is both fun and challenging, each child is encouraged to reach their full potential. Contact us today for more enrollment information!

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